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Role-play Ideas for Little Cuckolds

I read men’s magazines and that is where I came up with this great role-playing idea for you little cuckolds. I was reading a UK publication that had tips on how to: Get your woman all excited for sex and keep her that way:) What I want you to do is to picture yourself and your wife or girlfriend, and imagine implementing these sex tips. Try not too worry about the fact that you have a super small dick. Take a vacation from your small dick for a few minutes and pretend that you are a real man.

~Number One: Says to take control by placing her arms over her head. The article said that you will have her writhing in no time. It said to hold her arms firmly, but not in a painful way. Take one arm and do this. If she does not protest, then follow with the other arm.

~Number Two: Run your hands thru her hair. The sex article claims that this will get her panties all wet. You know this advice might not be so bad since I often do that with my cuckold. I grip on to his hair and force his head where I want it between my legs. The same technique works if you wanna guide or force-cock-sucking.

~Number Three: Respond in a vocal way to her efforts. The suggestion is not to be silent: Moan, groan, and breath heavily. Basically compliment her as she fucks and sucks. I know what all you little cucky boys are thinking. I know that most of you are already very vocal begging for pussy, begging to be included with her lover, or even begging to fluff cock, but that is not how a real man conducts himself in bed! Try to pretend to be a Real Man instead of a little pathetic cuckold husband for a few minutes. Remember you are on cuckold vacation.

~Number Four: This is a simple one. Sweet talk. This does not mean begging or whining. The article suggested that you compliment her how she looks. It said to tell her she had a great body and breasts. Tell her she is beautiful. I will skip commenting on this one since it is boring. Big Yawn. I say give me size not compliments. I am Queen Size for a reason. I am not a Beauty Queen.

~Number Five: Pay attention to her entire body. In other words, caress her all over, bla bla bla.

Now snap out of it. You are not at liberty to do any of that. You are a small dick hand humper. A little jerk off boy. A lesbian substitute AKA pussy licker. These tips will never work for you. Real Men already know how to do these things. It is not as if you did not know what gets women going. The problem is not about you knowing what women like, the problem is that you have a miniature, tiny dick so that any of your attempts to implement the game plan above will result in your wife taking control and bossing you around.

~Number One: She is the one that will be putting your arms behind your head. If you try this, you may get: A kick in the groin as a protest? All I know is that a small dicked guy could never get away with this move. Plus he would never have the cojones (balls) to try it. If he did, then his dominate wife would bust out in laughter. Cuckolds and small dicked men are so much fun.

~Number Two: She will be putting her hands thru your hair and pulling and tugging to force your head to the precise point where she wants it to be.

~Number Three and Four: She will be very vocal about your efforts and sweet talk you: “Lick MY pussy harder! Suck that cum out of there. Suck you little bitch!” As for the sweet talk, you just heard it. Bitch, slut, cum guzzler, cuckold sissy, cock sucker, cream pie eater, etc., etc.

~Number Five: Do not worry about paying attention to her whole body. You just worry about doing as you are told. As long as you do as you are told, then she will be happy. She will make sure her entire body is happy. She will have her big cock and make you clean it up. Her entire body will be taken care of by you and whoever else is needed.

I hope you enjoyed escaping from cuckold reality today. Role-play can be a nice thing as long as it does not confuse who you are in your real life. As long as you know that you are a little sissy, cuckold bitch, then you can pretend from time to time what it is like to be a Real Man. A hung man. A man that can make your wife cum with his fat cock. Next time you do this role-play, you may even want to pretend you have a little dicked cuckold watching as you perform awesome sex with your huge hung cock. lol

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  1. Wonderfully inventive wickedness from the wonderfully wicked Ms Amanda.

    Build ‘em, let ‘em dream… then prick that bubble and back down to smalled-dicked reality they come with such a bump! Be thrilling to see Ms Amanda pull some of these moves on lil’ tony in a video. A sort of follow up to the last clip where he tried to pretend to be a stud and She demolished his illusions with a stunning World Wide Web demonstation of his complete sexual inadequacy. If it didn’t give you such an instant little stiffy, you’d be torn between pissing yourself laughing at him, or crying with the realisation that She could just as easily be talking about you. As it is, the inevitable reaction for the underendowed Amanda fan (and be honest, if you’re reading this that’s who you are) is to swiftly yank down your pants and breathlessly worship Her.

    Fantastic work.


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