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I Want to Know: How do you measure your little dicks

I cannot sleep tonight. I started to think about how many little cuckolds have measured their dicks for me. I have seen: short rulers, little and large lighters, lipstick tubes, dollar bills, toilet paper rolls, cap of a pen, various dildos, customized pieces of paper with markings on them and even a nano ipod! I love when little men measure their “manhood” for me. It was not always like that though. When I first really began cuckolding my little guy, I did not understand little cucks at all. I just understood what I wanted to do to him. I realized I could basically torture him by controlling his orgasms, denying him my pussy, and giving my pussy up to hung men. I had no clue at all about what cuckolds liked, or what made them tick.

What I want to know now: what do you use to measure your little dick? Does your wife or girlfriend like to compare your tiny tool to a big, fat, juicy cock? When was the last time you measured it? What were the results? (Not all cucks are small.)

One observation I would like to share with you. Men under 9 inches almost always round up their figures when it comes to dick size, even if they enjoy possessing a tiny pin dick. Men who have cocks over 9 inches tend to round down. I have witnessed this time and time again. It is a phenomenon that has not been named yet. I have never bothered to ask a cuckold why he does this. I know why regular guys round up. They want to measure up to other men, so they exaggerate a teeny bit. Why do you cucks do that though? I want to know since I find it perplexing. My cuckold has been worthless with explaining this to me. He does not even agree with the dick measurements I get, even though I have measured him time and time again. He is in total denial.

Long before I ever made a commercial video, I made a video measuring Tony’s small weenie. lol I forced him to strip down, and I used a plastic measuring tape. I did this because he claimed his prick was 6 inches. I only measured 5 3/4. Not a big lie, but nonetheless he rounded up his prick size. A year after that I did another video. That may even be the measuring his little dick video that is for sale now. Not sure. Anyway the figure then was 4 3/4 inches! His dick has shrunk. I know a dick does not have a constant size, and it fluctuates due to desire, heat, cold and other factors, but I determined that his is permanently intimidated by me. If he measures it on a webcam and is not in my presence, then it is still 5 3/4 and he claims it is whopping 6. If I measure his prick myself, then it is 4 3/4 and he claims it is 5!

Now to wrap this up. I will tell you what hung men have told me about why they round down. Several men have told me they do it because they do not wanna scare women by the size of their huge cocks, and others have said it is because they realize they are fucking size queens. They respect that some women need a bigger cock that even what they have to offer, and do not want to mislead or disappoint a woman. I think you little cuckolds could learn a lesson from hung men on this one. Just fess up to the real size of your cockettes.

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